Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting Started

Okay, so I guess after all this time reading everyone else's quilt blogs, its time for me to get with the program and start sharing my quilting adventures!

I've been quilting for about 15 years now, and I am obsessed. Okay, lets just admit it, I'm a fabriholic, but I've been very good lately, and I've virtually stopped buying fabric. Now if only I could find some more time to actually make my fabric into finished quilts rather than UFO's, I'd be all set.

Today I got a project off my back and out of my house finally. My parents are both members of the Elk's club, and their lodge had it's 100th anniversary in 2005, so Mom decided to make a commemorative quilt. A bunch of people got together and made blocks, Mom assembled it all and I quilted it. Now Mom has to do the binding, sleeve and label so that it can hang at the local historical society. I just did some simple meandering on it. I didn't think to take a digital picture before I dropped it off at Mom's house tonight, but I'll try to get one later.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and sit down and do some actual quilting of my own. I'm always optomistic, but things rarely work out the way I hope. We'll see.