Sunday, June 04, 2006

Okay, so its been waaay too long since I last posted. I promised myself that I'd blog at least 2 X per week, and it hasn't happened. But ya know, with two munchkins, life gets busy. At least I have had some quilting time in there, and I'm not going to give up some of my precious quilting time to blog (though I will try to do better in the future).

Anyway, since my first entry, I decided to make some contrary wife blocks to send to Carol from the Sunshine group "In honor of Bev". The requirement was that they be 9" and have red triangles in the center. I started making the blocks and had so much fun doing it that I just kept making more and more of them. Soon I had 24 blocks and I just had to put them together to see how they would look. Then I 'had' to quilt it. Ultimately I decided that it would make a great 4th birthday present for my niece, Rebecca. Then I felt guilty that the blocks weren't going to the kids they were intended for. So I made another 10 blcoks and sent them off to Carol.

The next weekend (Memorial Day weekend). I just had to sew something, and I had an opportunity to do so. I decided to pick the Hourglass 2 block from Since I was feeling patriotic, I made 9 of these blocks in red/white/blue thinking that they'd make a nice 'man' lapquilt for my guild's community service project. The blocks were sort of blah, but when I put the sashing and cornerstones they looked a lot better. I managed to get the quilt finished and bound in time to hang it outside on the porch for Memorial Day.

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