Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

I just realized that I never posted about Mother's Day. First, let me state that I'm not a huge fan of the "Hallmark Holidays", but whatever. I'll take a day of the Things and the DH treating me nicely. Mostly on Mother's Day, I'd like some peace and quiet. LOL.

This year, Mother's Day was very interesting and different. Thing One has never been all that affectionate with me. She's definitely Daddy's girl and just tolerates me. She's never been big on the Mother's Day gig and thats okay with me.
However, Thing Two is just getting to that point where he likes to cut and paste, draw with markers, spell his name, etc. And he DOES love Mommy like you'd never believe. So he spend almost two weeks working on making things with his pile of construction paper and every time I asked what he was doing, I was not allowed to find out. LOL.

Well, on Mother's Day he told me had "lotsa presents and cards" for me. Ya think?
He brought them into me in this wheelbarrow! Most of them said WOW MOM an hi name on them.
He also made me this hat, which I had to bobby pin to my head and wear all day. Apparently, I'm supposed to save it and wear it again on Valentines Day. Isn't that sweet?

He also made me a magic trick. Its an empty soda bottle with tape over the top. Apparently, I'm supposed to try to fill it with water and get tricked because the tape makes filling it impossible!

Thing One made a coupon book. There are coupons for "I'll bring you a glass of water", "I'll watch brother for one hour for free", "Good for feeding the cat dry food" "I will feed the cat one can of wet food" and "I will massage your feet". Not bad. Too bad there was no coupne for her cleaning her room.

I also got a nice refrigerator magnet, a gift certificate for the LQS, and they took me out to Olive Garden on Saturday afternoon. Oh, and they made me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day....English muffins and Coffee. Unfortunately, them cleaning the mess in the kitchen was not part of the gift.

Overall, a nice day, in spite of me needing to wear the hat.

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Amanda said...

Aren't children wonderful? Your son sounds so sweet, spending so much time to make you all those great (in his eyes at any rate!) gifts. My older son was never affectionate, but he's the one who remembers to phone up and check up on me now. The younger one still loves me to bits, but has so much love to share round that I'm not now top of the list.