Monday, October 20, 2008

I guess that winter is on the way

Yesterday, DH was at his favorite hangout in our favorite place, and he was talking to one of the guys he knows that works at the Ski area. We heard unbeliveable news: THE SKI AREA IS OPEN. Yup. October 18th. There is one tiny slope and it is open for free skiing. They put in a ton of new snowmaking guns this summer, and they are testing them out. This morning it was 23 degrees F (thats -5 celceius, for those of you outside the US). I see today on the Mount Snow website this announcement:

"Yeah, we're open. No big deal.
Snowmakers showed up for their second night of winter-mode work last night, firing up the fan guns on Launch Pad to resurface the jib yard. Gaitor and the Park Crew are out shoveling as we speak, shaping transitions and landings. The setup is the same as yesterday: a rail, two boxes and two culvert jibs.
Launch Pad is open to the public today. See a Ranger out on the hill and make sure you grab a "lift" ticket – they’re F-R-E-E, that spells free.
So let’s think about this. Yesterday marked the last downhill race of our summer-long SoBe Energy mountain bike series. It was also the last day to play a round of golf at the Mount Snow Golf Club. Plus, skaters were hanging out in the Carinthia skate park. Historical: on October 19, 2008, a person could golf, skate, mountain bike, ski and ride, all in the same day at Mount Snow. We’re multitaskers.
It looks like tonight will be above the freezing mark, with some light showers and possibly some flurries in store. By Wednesday, another round of nighttime temps in the 20s are forecast, so rest assured we’ll be blowing snow. We’ll keep Launch Pad open to the public as long as there’s enough snow to slide on, so keep a close eye on the snow report for updates.
It’s on."

I guess its time to dig out the winter coats. Winter is a perfect time for quilting, so thats fine. Time to start sewing!


Mary Anne Drury said...

Snow! No! say it isn't so!!!They're talking about snow flurries possibly here in Pa tomorrow, too.....YIKES!! I'm just not finished with autumn yet!

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy to see you entered my giveaway .... good luck!

Catherine said...

Winter is definitely on the way. We had snow flurries yesterday. Thankfully nothing stayed, but snow flurries in October?? Can't believe it!