Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Scrappy Quilt

Last month, I went on my annual retreat with a group of friends. Typically, we have a class, but I usually do not participate in the class, instead I just work on my own projects, and this year was no exception. I worked on the Fun With Bricks quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter which I started at the retreat last year. Last year I made the top center, and decided that it needed a pieced border. This year was rather non-quilty for me, so it never got done. I was determined to get a pieced border on it this year at retreat, and I am thrilled to say I was successful. It took me as long to make the border as it did to make the center. It might be a long time before I make another quilt with a pieced border, but this was definitely worth the effort. This quilt is about 75"X98" or something like that. Now that I am looking at it, I am not that thrilled with the red cornerstones. I'm thinking that might change them to half square triangles. We will see. It's also going to get a narrow-ish (maybe 2" finished) border of the light fabric around the edge, only because the thought of putting the binding on and worrying about all those points is giving me the willies.

I am having trouble uploading the picture. I will continue to try. Sigh. This is part of why I haven't blogged in so long, I'm pretty frustrated with blogger and the difficulties I've had with it.

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