Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Hour a Day Quilt Project

So last weekend, I decided to play with Judy L's idea of spending one hour a day working on a specific project that she suggested. Of course, I can't follow the rules, so instead of working on it for one hour every day until it was finished, I worked on it like a crazy woman for two days to get all the blocks done (12 instead of 20 because that would make the quilt more the size I like to do). All the blocks are done, and now they are awaiting sashing, cornerstones and borders. So in the spirit of boosting the American Economy, I went shopping for border fabric. Okay, so shoot me. I didn't have anything at home that I could get to that seemed to work with the very red-violet blocks. This weekend, I'll try to get the rest of the top together, and if all goes well, I'll quilt it too.

Other quilty things accomplished last weekend:
* more Contrary Wife blocks
* some 6" friendship stars to send to Ann, who will use them in crumb quilts for Sunshine
* 4 blossoms and buds blocks (from to send to Janet who will make them into quilts for Sunshine

Of course I didn't do the bindings on the several quilts waiting to be bound, the blocks for my guilds raffle at annual meeting or anything on the huge pile of UFO's sitting near my machine.

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Carol said...

Hey, Pepita! Thanks for your comment at my blog. It struck me funny that you would like the shorter tab. I love how everyone sees and enjoys different aspects of quilts. I didn't know you had a blog. Keep on writing!