Monday, September 11, 2006

Fall is in the air

This weekend when I was in Vermont, I noticed that some of the leaves are starting to change. That means only one thing: not long before the leaf peepers start to invade my peaceful weekend retreat. We'll be sitting at our one traffic light waiting for the lines of cars to pass thru town, including me of course.
Yesterday was the second weekend of the month, so I spent some time quilting for Sunshine. I don't just do it because it is the second Sunday, but I try specifically plan for it. This weekend I made 8 blocks for Carol's color family challenge. I had a solid yellow, solid red and solid green, so I put each of them with a novelty print and made a simple counterchange block. All together I made 8 blocks. Unfortunately, that was the only sewing I did this weekend. I will share pictures as soon as I ever get my DH to move my photo software from my c drive to the d drive. I'm going to badger him about it this week.
Tonight I went to Lavendar Ladies. Lavendar Ladies is a non-guild that I belong to here in town. We do all the fun things that a guild does without any of the business meeting stuff, so it is more fun. Usually someone shares a project that they've been working on and demonstrate it to us. This time, Mia showed us a project she is working on with soem fused pumpkins and vines, and she showed us a variation she did with stars for the Veterans Hospital. Someone else showed us a adorable pieced pumpkin they made from a kit. I am going to make that pumpkin so I have a Halloween thing for my front door, but I took a quick look in the stash, and I don't see enough orange, so I think I'll have to make a trip to the store tomorrow.
I've started working on sorting my stash by color, folding it neatly and cutting small (less than half yard) pieces into strips the way Bonnie described on her website. Its going to take me a long time.
Tomorrow, the kids and the DH start dance. It is the studio's 50th anniversary year, and there is going to be a lot going on.

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Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures! Tell your hubby we're sending our nagging thoughts his way.