Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Quilt

Once I decided that we were going to see the house being built, I had to find a quilt to bring with me. Unfortunately, I didn't have a finshed quilt that I could put my hands on, so I had to find a top to finish immediately. I went thru my pile, found a top and quickly quilted and bound it.

On Sunday, when the Things and I went to Athens, I brought the quilt. I got someone involved with the show to find a member of the Production crew for me, and I handed of the quilt to him. He promised me that he would get the quilt to the designers who would pass it along to Louie Jr. They took my name and phone number, and had me sign the scrapbook, so I am confident that the quilt will get where it needs to.


Tiffany said...

That was very generous of you to bring a quilt...I'm sure the family will appreciate it.

Carol E. said...

What fun to be right there and see this happening! The quilt looks perfect, too! There was a house done in Minnesota recently, but I was nowhere near it like this, in fact didn't know anything about it until I saw it being revealed on the news. I hope you get some kind of response from your gift of the quilt.. maybe it'll show up on TV!