Thursday, September 06, 2007

Time for a Cup of Coffee

I've been crazy busy since my return from Minnesota. I have finished several quilts, 4 pillowcases, taken the kids on several day trips, begun homeschooling again, and once again started schlepping kids to activities every day.

I did take some time out one day to sit and do a couple of my favorite things: relax and have a cup of coffee and read the newspapers. Yes, those papers were over a week old when I read them, but ejoyable all the same. One thing I love when I travel is to get the local paper and read it when I get home. Just another of my many bizarre quirks. Everytime DH or anyone else goes on a trip, I ask them to get me a local paper. When DH went to London for work back in January, he brought me home a big pile of British newspapers and magazines and I was happy for several days sitting and reading them.

My kids took some time to have some fun of their own, and one of the quilts that I have ready to donate played a part in thier fun. They used Diego, Dora and Baby Jaguar and some of the other coordinating Legos to make up their own board game. The quilt served as the gameboard. Yes, I know that some of those Dora and Diego things have been recalled, the ones they are playing with her are NOT among the recalled items as best I can tell right now. I'm still waiting for the brochure from Mattel to see exactly which things I need to return. The Dora and Diegos have since been put away.


Carol E. said...

Wow, that's an expensive and unique gameboard!

cher said...

looks like a fun game board to me!