Thursday, December 04, 2008

More stuff

I have been doing some stitching and sewing lately. I mailed my SCSS gift last week, but I can't post that yet (but I really want to share!). I made an armchair pincushion caddy for my aunt Mia for her birthday (I will try to get a picture of that when I see her, I forgot to take one before I wrapped it). I'm working on a tote bag for my Mom's birthday (next week, I better hurry up).

Thing One and I have been working on challenge quilts for one of the quilting groups. Mom is also working on it. None of us have finised, but we made progress. This is the Quilters Cruise Challenge that came from Fons & Porter magazine a while back. We were to buy 5 half yards of fabric. Cut each into 4 4 1/2" stirps. Put one strip of each fabrc aside for later. Cut one strip of each fabric into 4 1/2" squares, one strip of each into Easy Angle Tringles, One strip of each into Companion angle triangles, then design your own quilt with those pieces. Use the extra strips as you wish/need to.

Here is how far we've gotten as of now. This one is Thing Ones project:

And this one is mine:

Mom didn't get very far with hers because the night we were working on them, she had a little bit too much help from my 5 year old, my 6 year old neice and my three cats.

I've also been working on my quilt for Tanya's Home, House and Pantry Quilt along. This is wonky and design as you go. So far I'm very pleased with it, but I need to add a little more somethign to it because it is too square right now. Of course if I PLANNED it to be square that would never happen. LOL.


Brenda said...

I love your house and home quilt, but I think it needs some sort of border, maybe in black and white, or a piano key one, or something like that.

jovaliquilts said...

What a fun idea to play with those 4-1/2" strips. You'd never guess those two quilts started from the same set of instructions!