Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finished Projects.

Last weekend I worked on a few projects, and actually finished 3 of them (2 UFOs, one started and finished last weekend).

First, I finished this UFO. I'm embarrassed to say that I posted a picture of this quilt, only lacking a binding on Sept. 6, 2007. Yes, it took me more than a year and half to get the binding on it. But it is now finished, and donated to my guild's community service project.

Then I finished this UFO, someone gave me the panel, then I found matching backing fabric when a local shop was going out of buinsess, and on another trip to another store, I found the ruffled binding. I quilted it a while ago, but finishing the end of that ruffled binding perplexed me. Last weekend I decided to just do it, and technically, the close of the two binding edges is not right, but it IS finished. This one went to the NICU at UConn Health Center.

Finally, I did my crayon challenge for guild. The two colors of crayons that I had were cerulean blue and sepia. We were able to add one color (I interpreted as one fabric, some people used multiple fabrics in the third color family, but whatever). I used the split nine patch pattern that I've seen all over blogland for a while, and I made this:

Tomorrow, I go to my quilters weekend in Vermont with my non-guild group. Woo Hoo!
We get to stay in the shop as late as we want to sew, then we get yummy meals at the restaurant in the inn next door, a nice bed to sleep in and lots of laughs with our friends! Just perfect! I need to toss some clothes in a bag, choose some projects to work on and head out to Vermont after my Med Certification class tomorrow morning.
Have a great weekend everyone, I'm probably bringing my laptop, so I might share whats going on during my weekend of peace away from DH and the kids, if I'm not too busy sewing like a madwoman!!

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Sweet P said...

Great finishes! I hope you have fun in Vermont.