Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Swap

Yesterday while I was at work, my DH sent me a picture of the pile of mail! Why in the world did he do that? I wondered to myself, until I realized that he was showing me that my Spring Swap package had arrived! I was so happy. Well, that was at about 1PM, and after work I had to go directly to my daughters dance recital dress rehearsal, so I didn't get home to see my goodies until almost 10 PM!

My package came from Marit in Norway. Inside, there were several adorable springy things:

This is a little birdhouse and bird on a stick. I'm going to stick this in the soil of a plant on my dining room table. That sounds like a good excuse to go and get a hyacinth of daffodil plant for myself, right?

Next is this beautiful bucket/bag has a gorgeous stitchery design on the front and an adorable springy fabric on the inside. Marit did such a nice job on the stitchery! Maybe I'll put a vase of flowers inside of it?

And then there is the chicken! Is this knitted chicken not the cutest thing ever? This is one of those things that I am going to sit on my shelf in my sewing room and smile every time I see it. It looks to me like Marit knitted it and then felted it because it has that fuzzy felted look. So cute.

Marit also included a beautiful postcard and some yummy chocolates, which I have already eaten! Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies, Marit! I love them all.


Stephanie said...

What fun gifts. Can't wait for my Spring Swap package to arrive.

Linda said...

Terrific package, I love the chicken, too cute.

Terry said...

That chicken is so cute!! I love it! :0)

McIrish Annie said...

those were nice treats after a loonnng day! Love the chicken. I had a job like yours many years ago and remember well the self defense training. It is exhausting but hang in there, the work is very rewarding!