Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back in a routine

Dance started again today at our studio. Hopefully now, we can really get back into our routine.

Between the dance classes and a conference with DDs teacher, no quilting happened today. I did spend a few minutes refolding and sorting fabrics in my stash. I'm using Bonnie's suggestions and I'm cutting all pieces smaller than 1/2 yard into strips, bricks and squares. Well, almost all of them...I think Novelty and holiday fabrics I'll keep smaller (fat 8 and fat 1/4s ) for now. Bigger pieces, I'm folding around my 6X24 ruler to make them sit neatly on the shelves. I hope that will make them behave.
Maybe once Ido that I'll be able to find what I need.

This all started because I was looking for a few oranges to make a little pumpkin wallhanging, but things are so disorganized I couldn't find any oranges. Oh well, maybe I'll just go for some retail therapy tomorrow!

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Carol said...

I attended some retail therapy last night at my guild. We had a trunk show from a shop owner and lots of goodies available for purchase. Yum!