Monday, February 12, 2007

Pillowcase Tutorial

Tonight I am presenting a pillowcase making demo at one of my quilting groups. I am going to post step by step instructions and photos:

For each pillowcase:
¾ yard (27”X WOF) theme fabric for pillowcase body
11”X WOF for cuff edge
2”X WOF for trim (thin accent band)

1. Place cuff fabric right side up with raw edges at top and bottom and selvages at sides
2. Fold and press trim fabric in half, wrong sides together to form a strip 1”X WOF
3. Place raw edges of trim along the top edge of the cuff

4. Place theme fabric right side down against the cuff and trim, lining up all the raw edges at the top edge. The selvages should be at the side edges of all pieces. Temporarily pin to hold in place. You can trim the selvage edges if the fabrics are not the same width.

5. Roll up the theme fabric toward the pins until you can grab the bottom edge of the cuff. Pick up the bottom edge of the cuff and bring it up to the raw edges that are pinned together. Undo the pins and re-pin connecting everything together - forming a tube. The pins should be holding together the top of the cuff, both edges of the trim, top of the theme fabric and bottom of the cuff with the theme fabric rolled up inside the tube.

6. Sew along the pinned edge. Reach into the tube and turn right sides out. If you have a hemostat it works quicker. All of your seam allowances will be hidden inside the cuff!
7. Press flat. Fold right sides together so you can sew or serge the bottom edge and side edge, completing the pillowcase.


cher said...

sounds nifty! have fun doing this.

Greenmare said...

I've made pillow cases for lots of kids, and never thought of hiding that seam like that! I printed out the directions so I won't forget next time!

Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I've not done a pillowcase before, but it would be fun to coordinate with quilts :)

NancyE10 said...

I learned this technique at a midnight quilters group in Vernon, CT, only we did French seams down the side and bottom so you saw NO raw edges on your seams! Tracey, do you belong to GHQG? I'm the BL Editor.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for the lesson. I've bookmarked this entry because someday I need to make some pillowcases.