Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some Finishes

Here are a few of my recent finishes. These are all eventually going to be donated somewhere.

This quilt is made up of half square triangles. I like that it is off center. I just decided one day to make some triangles from some charm squares I had. I've got enough left to make another quilt like this.

Another crumb quilt. This time, I set them in horizontal rows.

This one is cat fabrics donated by someone in my guild. I used Judy Hopkin's Block Aid Mystery pattern for this (She provides this pattern as a 3 party mystery if you are doing community service projects). I've used this pattern a number of times in the past.

This one is another crumb quilt. I wanted to add a little something different to this one to give it some extra pizazz. But I miscalculated and didn't have enough border fabrics to finish it off, and had to improvise. In the end, I'm glad it worke out like it did, and I'm very happy with it. Notice that the binding is a totally different yellow because of yet another oops!


Mary said...

Love the half square triangle - the off center setting looks wonderful.

Screen Door said...

I can see your time has not been wasted. Beautiful pieces. Darling bag too.

Linda_J said...

Well done, Tracey. My quilt group has used the Judy Hopkins pro bono pattern too in all manner of quilts for donation. Fun quilts.

Carol E. said...

Aren't those Oops moments fun opportunities to get creative? You did great... the quilts are all wonderful. I love the HSTs off center. I have a bag full of HSTs, but they're all different sizes. It'll be fun when I finally get to play with them.