Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Shopping is Finished!

Hurray! The last of the Christmas shopping is finished! I sat here at my computer and ordered the last few things from the fabulous today. Next week, the final gifts will arrive conveniently at my front door and I won't have to go and battle the crowds to get them!!

I do have to finish wrapping. I'm about 1/3 finished with that task. The biggest issue is to decide which gifts are from Mom and Dad and which are from Santa. That has to be determined before I wrap because of course, Santa wraps in his own wrapping paper that is different from Mom and Dad's wrapping paper.

Fortunately, DH and I do not have any Christmas Eve toy assembling projects to do this year. Two years ago we had to assemble a Thomas Train Table. After we arrived home from my Mom's house at midnight. It made for a very long night. I decided to be sensible this year and only buy small stuff. Video games and Ipods take up a lot less space than Little Tykes Kitchens and Train Tables!!!!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Isn't Amazon great! We've done the same thing and the last of my items arrived yesterday...what a huge sense of relief. I like getting it done early and then I can enjoy the festivities in the month of December.