Thursday, December 06, 2007

November Goals Review

Oh boy. I didn't do very well with my November goals. Here is what I had hoped to do in November:
* tops for my 40th birthday challenge
* goodies for Christmas Swap
* bind square dance quilt
* finish denim quilt
* starburst quilt - finish top

I did the goodies for the Christmas Swap, and I did finish the Denim Quilt. I also made my name block for Tonya.

After that, things went way downhill. The 40th bir5thday challenge quilts just didn't happen, though I did play with the blocks and make a few extras. I never touched the binding on the square dance quilt, and I didn't finish the top of the starburst quilt, but all the blocks (minus the replacement one) are finished and on the design wall.

I did get sidetracked and make myself a purse and totebag. I quilted my Tossed Salad quilt, and I also quilted a one of the blue crumb quilts (though I haven't shared that photo yet).

For December, I'm not even going to try to set any goals. I'm just going to maintain the status quo until I get past Christmas. I'll probably go wild playing during the week after Christmas when I'll be feeling much less stress. During that week, I'll probably try to finish up the binding on the several quilts that need it and then see what happens beyond that.


Carol E. said...

Hey, no big deal. You got a lot done!

Sweet P said...

You did a lot during November. Don't worry about it. Enjoy December.