Thursday, December 13, 2007


Winter continues here in CT.
The governor is one phone with the TV News guy begging people to please GET OFF THE ROADS. Go home and relax. Apparently, this afternoon everyone left work at the height of the storm and got onto the highways which were in bad shape. There were numerous accidents blocking the road, heavy traffic and lots of snow and thus the snowplows have not been able to clear the roads. What a mess. I do not remember these sorts of traffic messes during snowstorms in years past. Have we all forgotten how to drive? Is it that so many of us have 4 wheel drive that we go out when we shouldn't?
Here in my area we had about 5 or 6 inches of snow. Not as much as predicted, but it did come down fast and heavy, then it got sleety, which of course makes a mess and causes problems on roads and with the power lines. Luckily, our power seems to be fine here. We are pretty lucky in my town, we have a municipal electric company that helps keep our rates relatively low. The best part of it is that all the guys who work for the power company live here in town and they do a fabulous job...compared to anywhere else we have ever lived, we very rarely lose power.
The plow truck did not get stuck on our little road this storm...that's always a plus. Our cul-de-sac only has a few houses, and we are on a steep hill, so sometimes our street is a huge challenge for the plow drivers. They worked for a long time here today, and all seems to be well. The UPS truck came thru right after the plow, and I have received almost all of the gifts I ordered. I'm still waiting for one package coming from Canada and another that I just ordered this morning.
Once the snow completely stops in a little while, I am going to go out and finish shoveling the steps and the path to the front door. Then I'm going to rest up, because apparently we are going to do this all over again on Saturday night. Except that the storm coming Saturday night is supposed to be much BIGGER than this one.
At the moment, they are predicting 12" of snow for Saturday/Sunday. I guess that means Breakfast with Santa, an annual tradition for our family will be cancelled.

Watch for my next post....I'm going to be doing a giveaway for my 100th post!!!


joyce said...

You've just gotta love winter!

Jackie said...

I know I can't believe the amount of snow we have gotten. Up here in the Northwestern corner of CT we have about a foot of snow. My kids shoveled and used the snow blower 3 times today!! Brace yourself for more this weekend. At least it is good quilting weather.