Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Four Seasons Summer Quilt Swap

Over the weekend, I received my long anticipated package from Ana A. containing my Four Seasons Summer Doll Quilt Swap. It was definitely worth the wait! She used (I assume) the 9 degree wedge ruler to make this gorgeous round quilt! According to the description on her Flickr page, it has 880 pieces! I'm glad she mentioned that because I certainly wouldn't have counted them!!
It is just beautiful, Thank you so much, Ana!! I love it.
She also included a pack of Moda Marbles charm squares, a spool of gold metallic thread and machine needles for using with metallic threads. Wonderful stuff that I will definitely be using.


Sweet P said...

Wow! What a fabulous quilt! You are one lucky recipient.

Your pincushion looks great.

Quilt Pixie said...

wow! what a beautiful quilt! Lucky you

Ann said...


I am glad you are pleased with this one. You certainly waited long enough for it to arrive. I didn't use a wedge ruler as the wedges are different. Each one of those sweet, lovely (lol) pieces was stitched one at a time. It was nice to see it grow day by day but the best part was when the backing worked the way I thought and I could keep the hole in the center.

Thanks for posting it - Ann

dot said...

What a great quilt. You certainly a lucky to receive that.

Carol E. said...

WOW!! It's GORGEOUS! What a GREAT quilt to get in the mail.

Catherine said...

Wow -- that is an incredible quilt to have received! Lucky you!!