Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in Town

Okay, so I'm back from my trip and have tons of updates. Dial up was totally non cooperative last week, so I couldn't share all my tidbits. Be prepared for many posts in the next couple of days!

Firstly, DH came home from work today to let me know that he is laid off. No surprise, he knew it was coming, plans are already in place for the next job to follow. Honestly, he is happy about it. He has been working 70-80 hours and now he'll be back to 40 hours.

Our new year of homeschooling is in full swing now, we've completed 7 days of classes and everything is off to a smooth start. Thing One is enthusiastic about her coursework this year, which is a huge relief to me. Last year she disliked the curriculum we used, and everyday was a fight about doing her work. This year she is much happier with all the subjects and texts, and she has been quite enthusiastic so far. Lets hope that continues! Thing Two is happy to be a Kindergarten homeschooler and he's going to keep me on my toes keeping him busy!

Dance classes started today for both Thing One and Thing Two as well as DH. Nice to be back into our routine!

I did do a tiny bit of sewing last week. The biggest thing I did was my August Bag for the BQL Tote Bag of the Month Challenge. This bag is a little purse that would be more suitable for a night on the town. Since my life doesn't involve litte purses and nights on the town, this bag isn't much my style. I do think that I can toss it into my big tote bag full of junk and use it to stick receipts, papers and things like that so that they aren't cluttering up my bag.

Here it is:


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

laid off? sounds terrifying, but glad to hear that your husband has a new job lined up. 40 hours a week sounds much better! good luck to you all.

The Calico Cat said...

Love that batik - I'm glad that being laid off does not sound so bad to you & your family. It took my GF more than a year to find a "new" job & she did not need benefits... (Just cash for food...)