Monday, March 26, 2007

Miracle of Miracles!

Not only am I blogging, but I've also been sewing!!

On Thursday, before I left for the shop hop, I decided that I needed to sew, so naturally I started a new project. Bonnie's String X pattern was calling to me. I pieced all the string section for the quilt. Actually I needed 48, but I made 72, so the quilt either will be larger, or I'll make two. The string sections still need to be trimmed to size and have the triangles added, but I was so happy to sit and sew for a few hours. I'll probably use the yellow with white polka dots fabric that is in the picture for the background triangles in the quilt.


Carol E. said...

Hey, your blog looks great! I haven't visited for a while. Nice to see you getting so much done. You already finished 100 hats?! I'm impressed. I get bored with my Nifty Knitter. I've been working on one hat for ages now.

cher said...

love those strings, I look forward to seeing the next step-sounds like the shop hop ended up being a lot of fun, despite the car issues.

Helen in the UK said...

Sometimes a simple 'sit and sew' project is just what is needed. Hope you enjoyed your sewing time :)