Friday, October 12, 2007

40 Years Old

Happy Birthday To ME!
On Wednesday, I turned 40 years old. Does that mean that I have to act like a grown up?
I went out for my birthday to Joann Fabrics, and I bought myself a bit of fabric for the background of my Lets Go Fly A Kite quilt. I was also looking for some fabric with kites on it, but I was unsuccessful. I did buy my Quilters Home Magazine, along with two other books.

Then my DH went out for a while, and came home with two books for me. He always gets nervous buying me quilting books because I already have so many, but this time he bought two that I had never even seen before! Good Job, honey!

I also received a few other gifts: My grandmother gave me this fat little book filled with cookie recipes...lots of very different ones I've never seen before. I see some baking in my future!

Mom gave me a handy bag for luggng quilting stuff around. It has a place for a rotary mat, ruler, rotary cutter, a binder thing built into it, a number of pockets and a big zippered compartment for quilts or fabric. Very handy to have!

And my Aunt Mia (more like a sister to me than an aunt, she's the youngest of 7 and only 4 years older than me) gave me a wallhanging for my living room. When we were at our weekend reatreat back in May, she made the quilt and now it's mine! I kept hassling her that it should have been for me because it was just my colors, and it was meant for me all along! LOL.

We are having a birthday party this weekend for me, my DD and my Grandmother...mine was Wed, Grama's is today and DD's is on Monday. We'll see if there are more presents then! Probably not, but you never know! :-) The only present I want is more hours in the day for quilting!!!


Julie aka "Quilt Diva" said...

Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... and many more!!! I have several of the fabrics in your wonderful wallhanging - I especially LOVE the border fabric!!!!! Enjoy your celebration.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

happy birthday! hope you enjoyed your reading. that cookie cookbook would be dangerous!

May Britt said...

Happy birthday to you.. Do you know one of the authours, Lise Bergene, is Norwegian. I have all her books and have made a lot from them. And your scrap quilt book looks wonderful.

comicbooklady said...

Happy birthday! If only I could grant your wish of more hours in the day for quilting...sigh.

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, your bookshelf is going to be filled in no time! Cute little Star wall hanging!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I have one book by Lise Bergene but haven't seen this one. I'll have to look for it - she has some really cute projects.

Teri said...

happy birthday. You don't have to act all grown up now. I'm a bit behind ya and have decided to be a bit more fun so don't grow up yet, there'll be plenty of time later on, when it really matters!


Laila said...

A littel late but HAPPY BIRTDAY to you. Luckey you having all that great books. Have a great time.