Friday, October 19, 2007

A fabric shopping trip!

Well not really, but I seem to manage to turn everything into quilting .

Yesterday I went to Ikea for the first time in about six months. Probably better that I don't go so often! I had noticed new FABRIC in the most recent catalog, so I had to check it out. I managed to have a few hours with no children, so I went and treated myself to a Swedish Meatball lunch and a bit of browsing...and I did find the fabrics that I wanted! One of the ones that looked nice in the catalog, was a much heavier weight than what would be suitable for quilting, so I didn't get that, but look at the yummy ones I DID get:

The red one is 47" wide and 118" long,and cost $7.99, it was prepackaged in the area with kids curtains and comforter covers. Thing One tells me it is hippos. I'm not so sure, but it is cute anyway.

The bright ones were $3.99 a yard, and they are 60" wide. These are definitely destined to become backings, because so many of my quilts are just a hair too wide for 40" fabrics, and I hate to piece the backing (I'm too lazy), so wider fabrics are perfect!! The one with the little designs is 5 yards long, and the big fans is an 8 1/2 yard piece...I grabbed all they had of the big fan one because I've wanted to try machine quilting from the back using the fabric pattern as a guide for my quilting lines. This would be great for that, I think.

Its pouring here, and I have a wicked sinus headache, so I am off to bed! have a great weekend!!!


dot said...

Those are bright fabrics. They will work nicely on backs.

Sweet P said...

Those are great fabrics. I wish IKEA was closer to me. Right now I have to drive from Dover, NH to south of Boston to get an IKEA. Can you say road trip?

Carol E. said...

I love those wonderful fabrics!

cher said...

ack! I love those Ikea fabrics...I now have a reason to drive over to the one near us...those are hippos-I agree...yummy, yummy bright colors...what a sweet deal.