Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two wonky little wallhangings

Well, I'm back from Disneyworld, and I think I've finally gotten caught up on my sleep!

We went to Vermont this past weekend for Columbus Day. Oh My. I always forget how crowded our little town gets during Foliage Season (and all holiday weekend and all during ski season), but the traffic was just horrendus. When there is only one traffic light in town you don't expect a traffic jam, but it was SO backed up it wasn't even funny. The three miles from our house to the traffic light took almost 30 minutes... And did I mention that it was 86 degrees on Saturday? It barely gets that hot in the summer!!!

Anyway, I did some serious sewing for Tonya's class this weekend. These are what I came up with:

Next up: some of the quilts made from purple blocks donated by one of my online groups and by my real-life guild. I think I have enough blocks for about 6 quilts which will go to WAS and WTIL.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What a gorgeous pic - no wonder people come from all over to see the foliage. I love your little wallhangings. Those pumpkin are excellent - love how they have different personalities.

Nancy said...

Love the punkin piece.

Quilt Pixie said...

what a great idea -- the names of the month in wonky letters, and then some symbol associated with the month. You could have a rotating display throughout the year :-)

cher said...

great wall hangings- I didn't know you also do wtil quilts! I head a group here and send quilts in all the time to Ellen. what a fun thing to find out!