Wednesday, June 11, 2008

7 Things about me.

Sorry for the absence! I am now back at home (for a while, anyway) and can upload all the tons of pictures I've taken over the last couple of weeks!

First off, Carol tagged me to do the Seven Things About Me Meme...I've done it before, but I'm happy to do it again, I just need seven new things. So here goes:

1.) DH is a tv/movie junkie, and he continually tries to suck me into watching new things. Lately, thanks to Netflix and Tivo, he has been succeeding. The most recent things we have watched: Hells Kitchen, season 1, Hells Kitchen Season 3, Dr. Who Series 1, Rosemary and Thyme Series 3, National Treasure 2 and currently, Dr. Who Series 2.

2. I am a huge coffee addict. I must have my Dunkin Donuts every day. Extra Large, with Cream and two Splendas.

3. I have a fallen arch on my left foot. Most shoes make my foot and leg ache. But a couple of years ago, I finally found a comfortable pair of shoes. So now, Crocs are the only shoes I ever wear. If I need to go somewhere where they are really inappropriate, I wear them until I get there, then I put 'regular' shoes on at the last minute.

4. We have 4 cats: Donyell, a male black tiger, age 16. Buddy, a male maine coon, age 10. Peanut Butter, a 6 year old orange long hair female. And our newwest addition, Jake, a 2 year old male brownish and white cat. Three of them came from the Humane Society.

5. My first car was a 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura. DH gave it to me when we graduated college because it was his first car, and his parents bought a one for him at college graduation. Since I never had a car, I really needed one and it was an affordable (Yes, I could afford free!) option, it was wonderful. A few years later, my brother got his drivers license and had not car, so I passed my car along to him when I got a new one. It looked like this, but was metallic blue.

6. When I was growing up, my grandparents lived next door to us. My grandfather had this idea that he was a farmer and he always had a great garden. At one point, he decided that he needed a cow for in his 'barn', so he went to the local dairy guy an bought himself a calf. She was brown and white, an we named her Fudge-a-nilla. She lived happily in our yard/barn area until the day she blew up. Apparently she had an ailment not uncommn to cows where the stomachs get twisted and cause extreme bloating and eventually death.
7. I am sweltering here in my house because the central air unit has decided to die. We've had the repairman here, and it is not fixable. I dug out the paperwork on the a/c that was given to me when we bought our house, and the unit we have was installed in July 1975!! No wonder it finally gave up! I guess I'm going to be sweltering all summer long, because the estimate for a new one was almost $4000. and DH doesn't want to repair it this year. Isn't that lovely?

I'm not going to tag anyone else to do this, because it has been going around so many times, but if you read this and want to participate, consider yourself tagged!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I just finished disc 3 of Hell's Kitchen Season 1. GR is definitely a major %^$% but the show is entertaining. Unfortunately my favorite got the hook. sigh. Don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't stand Dr Who, not in any of his incarnations. Rosemary and Thyme is okay, but not one I long for like Jonathon Creek. Nat'l Treasure 2? Watched that on the plane. sigh. what a waste. the first one was such goofy fun.

sorry about the a/c - sounds completely miserable. and 98 degrees? eek. Today it's 60 and raining here...

jovaliquilts said...

Ouch! I can relate to foot problems -- I've finally decided to go for surgery on mine this summer. I wear the world's ugliest athletic shoes everywhere because they are the only thing my orthotics fit in! Bummer about the A/C. We didn't have it the summer I was pregnant, but of course got it the next year so the baby would be comfortable!