Monday, June 23, 2008

Cyber Stitching, Fried Modem and The Kitten

Back on Wednesday, we had a wicked thunderstorm here. And our internet connection went down. DH and I didn't think very much of it because it seems like our lousy At&T DSL goes out every time there is heavy rain. Well, on Thursday, it still wasn't working and we realized that our DSL modem wasn't working at all. Apparently the lightning fried the modem. We spent a good part of the day going from one store to another looking for a new modem, and finally found one. Of course, the new modem wasn't compatible with the router we have, so we needed a new router. After lots of hours of working on it, it seemed that all was well. HOWEVER, somehow the new modem will only work for ONE wireless device at a time. That definitely does NOT work for us. Normally we have my computer, DD's computer, DH's multiple computers for work, TIVO, Wii and the XBox on the wireless network. At this point, we are taking turns until after DH's big thing at work is finihed this week, then we will be back to troubleshooting this mess.

So since I couldn't get online, I had more time to stitch this weekend! I finished the top for the little wallhanging that was in the Cyberstitching 'kit' that came from Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop
I still need to stitch a bit inside the white fabric, and then quilt it, add buttons and binding. It is so cute! Those little stitcheries are about 2 1/2" finished.

I also did the stitcheries for the bookmark (that house is 1 1/2" X 3" before it gets appliqued onto the bookmark) and the bigger block is for the tote bag in the book... I stitched it rather than appliqueing it.

I must admit that I am feeling like a bad kitty Mommy. After our cat Groo died back in February, DH was desperate to get a new kitty. I wasn't so keen on that, I wanted to wait. Eventually I did give in, and we got a cat from the Humane Society. We spent three months trying very hard to get this kitty integrated into our family, but it just wasn't working out. Jake kept attacking our other cat (16 years old and in failing health) to the point that the other cat was completely terrorized. Jake also bit my DH (who had to go to the ER and get antibiotics because he had a bad reaction from the bite) and was constantly scratching at the kids and myself. Finally last week, we gave into what we had realized for a long time: Jake had to go back to the Humane Society. So I took him back. And I feel terrible about it.

Then DH came home and told me that the farm down the street has a free kittens sign up. Well, we know from experience that a kitten is probably a better choice for introducing a new kitty into the family. So now I've been suckered into a kitten. Sigh. So far, this is going much better than introducing a two year old cat. Donyell (our old man cat) isn't thrilled, but he isn't terrified, either. I think it is a female, but I am not positive. She is about 8 weeks old and very cute. So far, she doesn't have a name. Some of the ideas that have been floated are Jelly (one of the other cats is named Peanut Butter), Ginger, Lucy, Cupcake, Kitty. Nothing is sticking yet...we'll have to wait and see what her name ends up being.

Now I am off to do some grocery shopping and getting prepared for Girl Scout Camp. Thing One starts day camp next week, and needs a new bathing suit, backpack and such. I also have to get snacks for lunches, fill out the medical form and emergency information, etc.


Amanda said...

I really like the stitchery patterns that came with the Cyber Stitching kits. I've done the bookmark, magnet (though I put too much glue on the magnet and now it's lost its magnetism!), the bag and the wall hanging. Cute kitten. I do hope she/he settles well.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Sweet kitten. Hope he/she continues to fit in with the family. Pumpkin. Sweet Potato. Yam. hmm, interesting that when I try to think of names with kind of an orange flavor I immediately go to food. Mandarin. Fuzzy Navel. Good luck.

Sherry said...

That little wallhanging is so cute, so are those itty bitty stitched patterns. Good luck with the new little kitty. Hope all works out soon with your computer/technical problems!

Carol E. said...

Life is full and busy, as always. Hope you enjoy your adorable kitty. For some reason the name Swishy comes to mind.

Roslyn Atwood said...

Those are such tiny little pieces, it inspires me to try something similar. I have seen a cut one in a store in Ouray I must try & duplicate!

Sweet P said...

Your Cyber Stitching projects are adorable! I'm still working on me.

I like Cupcake for the kitten's name.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm on the Summer Stash Challenge too.

What a sweet kitten- I heard that the gingers were usually male but having said that my neighbour's ginger is a female. She/he is a wonderful marbled marmalade colour in your pic.

I'm new to these stitcheries. I'm meant to be doing 12 for a quilt with other patches from At Water's Edge by Moda, but have only been given 3 so far. I start to sew it in a class next month.

Nice meeting you,

Nancy said...

Cutie Pie, that's what I'd name her.


Marcie said...

We had a kitty that looked like yours and named her Cheeto. Your stitcheries are darling!