Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the winner is......

With the help of a random number generator, I determined the winner of my 200th post giveaway. The winner is:
Marsha! Now, Marsha is a brand new blogger. She just started a blog so that she could participate in Linda's bag swap. Nothing like a little motivation, right? So go on over and visit her blog and send her some encouraging comments. We all remember how scary it is when we first started blogging.
Marsha, I don't know what I'm sending you yet...wait about a week and you'll see what googies I have come up with for you. But take a minute to email me with your address, please!

I'll post a real post tonight, when Mom's taxi is finished with its pick ups and drop offs for the day!! I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing? Who has time for that? My kids have just as many places to be now.

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