Thursday, July 03, 2008

Slow progress

I haven't exactly been sewing at full speed lately. I've been trying to relax and enjoy myself a bit lately, and family obligations and activites have been taking center stage.

I have been working on a pincushion for a swap that I am participating in on Linda's blog. The deadline is next Monday, so as usual, I am working at the last minute to complete my project. I have always been a huge procrastinator, and this swap is no exception. You'll have to wait until it is finished to see a picture!

Last weekend I also finished a couple more blocks of the Teddy Bear stitchery quilt. I've got 4 totally complete, but I didn't get pictures of them yet. I'll share those next time, hopefully (and probably more than those!).

My studio is desperately in need of some organization and decluttering. I'm on my way down there now as soon as this post is finished. Unless I decide to just go to bed and deal with it another night!

I've also been driving my bulldozer thru Thing Ones bedroom in an attempt to keep the Health Department at bay (an exaggeration, but it was a HUGE mess) took me two full days to sort thru all of her junk and organize it all. At least now we can see the floor, there is room in the drawers for the clothes, and I know that there are no things growing under the bed.

As to those stitchery patterns that I bought at the quilt show last weekend, I'll share them now. I've had a hard time buying cute stitchery patterns around here, but I found some at the show. I've since checked out the websites of both these companies, and I'm sure that I won't be lacking in stitchery patterns any more!! Both companies have many great patterns. They are Bareroots and Crabapple Hill Here are the patterns I purchased.


Quilt Pixie said...

What a generous mom! When my thing's room reached a state I couldn't accept my line was always "you have until ___ to pick up so I can clean. If its not picked up I will, and it'll go in the garbage bag I'll be carrying." -- Only had to hang tough once and refuse to take things out fo the garbage and never had a problem again. As he got older my rule on how clean/tidy was simply an assurance there was no food/mildew etc, and then if he wanted a pigsty, who was I to complain... I know the closet has been being stuffed for years, and figure it'll be lots of fun to see the archive when he finally moves out :-)

Julie said...

Those patterns are great! I love patterns, unfortunately - they usually don't get made into anything.

Linda said...

Hi Tracey, can you let me know what your progress is with the pincushion swap. Are you ready to mail it out today?