Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally, a flimsy after 6 years!

Six years ago, I took a class at my LQS, taught by one of my fellow guild members. I loved her samples, and I was really enthusiastic about the class. My Mom and my aunt Mia also took the class. During the couple weeks of the class, I got almost the whole top together. I had the center of the top assembled, the fabrics picked for the two plain inner borders, and the triangles borders for the outside were pieced. All that was missing was slapping those plain borders on then adding the final triangle border. But I didn't like it very much. It just looked so ugly, nothing like the gorgeous samples.

The class ended, and the project sat in a plastic bag for SIX YEARS. Until last week.

Last week, I decided to just grab some UFO and do something to make progress. Well, this was the project that jumped out of the drawer when I opened it. Ugh, I thought. Oh well, I'll just finish it, donate it and move on with my life. Besides, there was no way those triangle borders I pieced six years ago could possibly fit correctly. I am just not that accurate. Ever.

Well, let me just tell you that within an hour, the two inner borders were on there, and I was grumbling about how the triangle borders would never work out. I started pinning the first side of the triangles on, and miraculously, IT FIT PERFECTLY. And so did the other three sides.

That ugly quilt that I disliked suddenly turned into a beautiful quilt top. I'm so surprised. I went to guild the other night and told Sharon the teacher about this, and she told me that several people had the same experience: they were not happy with the top until after all the borders were on it. Interesting, huh?

Now I just need to quilt it :-)

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Marion in CT said...

I hemed & hawed over leaving a comment -- finally got up courage. I took a class at the Chesire LQS which has since closed and began this quilt too. It was back in 2002, I think. Like you, I put it aside for another project & then life caused me to stop quilting for several years, so it was finally finished in 2005.

But I loved the pattern -- here's my attempt

As you may have guessed, I'm local to you too -- another Wallingford quilter.

I do enjoy your blog & love all your work. Thanks for sharing.