Monday, July 07, 2008

Lazy summer days

Thing One, Thing Two and I are enjoying a quiet week of relaxation this week. I decided that I am tired of dance classes dictating our schedule and our lives on a daily basis, so since there is no Girl Scout Camp this week, we would take off to the cabin. Of course Thing One objected: She's missing dance class two days this week. Bah. Two absences won't be the end of the world...and it is doing wonders for my sanity!

On Friday night we went to the local fireworks, the rest of the weekend we spent just relaxing and hanging out. More of the same on tap for the next several days.

Over the weekend, I finished up the pincushion that I had to mail out today for a swap. I was very tempted to keep the pincushion for myself, I liked it so much!

This afternoon, the The Things and I spent the afternoon marbling fabric squares. As I mentioned earlier, we bough a kit at the Vermont Quilt Festival, and both kids were very enthusiastic about trying this project. I figured that they would try it a bit and then wander away to do something else. Boy was I wrong about that...instead they both spent almost 3 hours playing with the shaving cream, fabric and inks. The had a blast!! In the end, they made 52 squares of marbled fabric. I think I made about 6 of those 52, they did the rest. I did take step by step pictures which I will share later, but tonight I'm just too tired to even try.
Those fabric pieces are probably going to be some sort of a quilt, pillows or something. We'll see what happens with them over the next little while.

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