Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Thursday's Accomplishments

(since I didn't manage to get this uploaded earlier, I'll do it today).
I did manage to spend a bit of time working on some of those things on my list in the previous post.

For starters: I added the label and the hanging tabs to the Cyber Stitching mini banner. Try not to notice the pin holding the hanger. This is just temporary. Most Likely.

I also finished the 4Th little table mat that I made. You might remember that I made three as PIF gifts a little while back. At the time, I used charm squares to make them, and each used 1/4 of each charm square, so I made 4 rather than three. I figured that I could use it when I needed a little gift. So tonight, I put the binding and the label on this one and it will go out in the mail tomorrow to its new home.

I continued on, and I finished the stitching on the July block for the Capricorn Quilts Block of the month. I still need to do the bonus block, but I did get a small start on that.

Then I cut some 30s scraps and put the borders around the Noah's Ark blocks that I have completed so far (no, the giraffes didn't even get started). They look so cute now...I think I may need to redo the cow blocks...there is a spot, and I was attempting to get rid of it (thus the wet spot).

I guess you could call that a productive Thursday afternoon. I didn't really have any other choice today, the weather was absolutely miserable. Thunder all day long, torrential downpours for most of the day and a few brief periods of sunshine (while it was still raining). Overall, very dreary, a good day for sewing.


jovaliquilts said...

Busy indeed! Those Noah's ark blocks are really cute.

Amanda said...

It's almost snap! I've also made the Cyber stitching wall hanging - isn't it cute? I gave mine away so will have to make another one for myself some time. I'm also just about up to date on the Capricorn BOM and the Noah's Ark BOM - very different from each other, but both great fun.

Carol E. said...

I'll say that was a productive day! Thank goodness for rainy days, I'd say.

Marilyn R said...

Rainy days aren't always a bad thing! The little wall hanging is adorable!

Sweet P said...

Wow! You have done a lot of stitching lately. Great job!

Leah said...

You sure have been busy - Noahs Ark is looking great:) My son has a message for you on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pink buttons on the wall hanging you made, it sets it off a treat
Thankyou for your wonderfull blog,
Take care