Friday, August 22, 2008

Sigh of relief

Grama's Obituary

Thank you all so much for the lovely emails and comments this week!!

Oh, need to mention, I was wrong about Grama's age. Somehow I thought she was going to be 96 this fall. But she would have been 94 this year.

Sigh. Now I can rest and relax. And more importantly, my parents get a bit of a peace. I loved my grama dearly, but sometimes she was not an easy person to be around. Strong willed, stubborn and bossy. Yup, that's a good way to describe her. (Hmm...I might take after her just a little bit). For the last several years, she has made things less than simple for my parents. I have to give them a ton of credit for how patiently they dealt with her and how well they cared for her. I only hope that when the time comes that I have to care for them, I will be as patient and loving as they were.

Tonight I am going to get some sleep, then tomorrow I will start sewing the bag for Linda's bag and bucket swap and the first project for the Stitcher's Angel swap. If you haven't seen the first project Helen posted, be sure to go to her blog here and check out her armchair caddy pattern. It is so cute. I think I might need to make a few for Christmas gifts.

In the next few days, I'm going to show you my fabulous Thrift Store find from last week. I never seem to find anything good when I go thrifting, but the other day all my fruitless trips into Goodwill finally paid off and I hit a JACKPOT find. hehehe, you'll have to wait to see what it was. But I am going to do some serious playing with it this week!!!

I had a bit of car trouble last week, and I had to visit Sears to have a new battery installed in the Green Machine. Since I had an hour to kill, I ventured inside the mall and checked out the bookstore. By the time my car was ready, I was reading my two new books. The first is by Linda McGehee. Since I am always looking for a 'perfect bag', I had to take this one home. Looks like it has a lot of good construction tips and ways to combine different elements of the pattern for a personalized bag. The second one is The Crafter's Companion which features profiles (and a project) of a number of blogging crafters, some which are new to me, others are familiar blogs that I visit regularly. There are several very nice projects in here.

Oh, and before I forget, please stop by and visit Helena's blog. She is opening a new quilt shop/studio in her little Swedish town. I think that she's going to be a huge success because her designs are fabulous. If you leave a comment and post a link on your blog, she will give you a free stitchery pattern to celebrate her shops opening this weekend!


jovaliquilts said...

It's wonderful that your parents were so loving to their mother, even though she could be difficult. I am sure they must have appreciated the other aspects of her character. My condolences on your grandmother's passing.

Sweet P said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm sending prayers and hugs to you and your family.