Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank you Elsie!

A couple of days ago, I received a great Pay It Forward gift from Canada. You should check out the kaleidscope quilts that she made a couple of months ago, they are amazing!

She sent me a beautiful gift bag she made with butterflies on it. This is one gift bag that I will certainly be reusing for myself!! She also included a piece of the butterfly fabric, a dragonfly iron on, some tassles, a tube of beautiful beads. Thing One has already told me that she will be using that dragonfly on a shirt for herself! I'm going to try to inspire myself to do something artistic with the butterfly fabric, beads and tassles. We'll see where that idea leads me!!

Thank you very much, Elsie!!!

Speaking of PAY IT FORWARD; I posted this post a long time ago, but I still have two pay it forward spots open. If anyone would like to play, I will send you a gift if you "pay it forward" to 3 other people.

1 comment:

Sweet P said...

I'll join in your PIF but I'd like to do a twist on it. Can I surprise three people with a PIF with no obligation to them to PIF? If so, let me know.

Your PIF gifts are adorable! I love butterflies.