Sunday, April 29, 2007

A raffle quilt

My quilt guild meets in the recreation room at the local Masonic Home and Hospital. We have held our meetings there for many, many years and they are very accomodating and helpful to us. In the past, we have donated many quilts to the residents of the home. Every year they hold a big event called Grand Masters Day. I don't know the particulars of it, but I think it is something that the various Masons organizations hold on a regional level to get together and have meetings, social gatherings and some community interactions. Back in 1997, we noticed that they always raffled a quilt as one of the activities for Grand Masters Day. A guild member who works at the Masonic Home & Hospital found out that the were buying the quilt somewhere down in Lancaster PA or something like that. That year, we decided to make a quilt and donate it to them. It is something that we haven't done since. Fast forward to last year: someone in our group suggested that we make them a raffle quilt again. So we voted to do that, and we used the Union Square block that you see in the quilt above. Each member participating made two blocks for the quilt, and one block for a raffle among ourselves. Some guild members put the top together, another longarmer in our group quilted it. I didn't win the blocks from our raffle, but now I'm going to buy some raffle tickets, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to win the finished quilt. Or more likely, I'll use the pattern and make my own.

Please note that they quilt is displayed folded in half over a pole. The space in the lobby of the Masonic Hospital was not big enough for it to be hung full length. This quilt is probably about a queen size.

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Carol E. said...

Hey, can a person from far away buy a ticket? LMK.