Monday, April 23, 2007

Vacation is over!

I lived thru the dance recital week. Then, school vacation started. I spent about 5 days in Vermont with the kids. Did I mention that we had snow and torrential rains during the week?? Anyway, school started again today. Thank goodness.

I did spend a bunch of time working on quilting projects during the vacation week. I quilted and bound two quilts, I pieced two more sets of blocks into tops, and I worked on a bunch more blocks for various projects. I'll share pictures later tonight or tomorrow, I need to find someone to help hold things up for me to take the pictures.

I've got a pile of about 30 donation quilts that I need to get out of here ASAP. Most of them are for Ronald McDonald House, some are for the NICU at UConn Medical Center and a few are for Wrap A Smile or Wrap Them in Love. A lot of them have been hanging around here for a while and just haven't gotten to where they need to go. Since I've got guild tomorrow night, I'm going to drag them out and send them on their way.

The picture that I will share today is an example of why it is often difficult for me to get any quilting done. Their names are Buddy (the Maine Coon mix) and Peanut Butter (the orange one).

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