Thursday, May 31, 2007

Please Pass the Tylenol!

Or, the alternate title of this post "I survived the elementary school band concert"

Thing One is in fifth grade, and is just completing her second year as a flute player. Apparently musical talent skipped my generation and hers too. I suppose if she ever practiced it might help, but there probably is nothing to help the tone deaf problem.

Last week her elementary school had its own concert for all of the 4th and 5th grade music students. It was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. I saw the whole thing from the lobby because Thing Two kept covering his ears and saying "I hate this noise". LOL.

Here in our town, there is an event called "All Town Band". Basically, they select a 'band', an 'orchestra' and a 'chorus' from among the 4th and 5th grade students in town. Most of the 5th graders who are in the second year of music lessons are in the band or the orchestra, along with a handful of some actually talented 4th graders. 80 additional students are chosen to participate in the chorus. The kids practice within their own school all year, and near end of the year, all the students practice together a few times. Well tonight was the concert. Again, not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

On a quilty note: No progress on the 4 patch thing. However, over the weekend, I quilted another crumb quilt and did the binding (even hand sewing on the back). I sewed the binding onto the front of a cheater cloth I-Spy panel that has been quilted forever. I didn't do the hand sewing on the back because Thing One wants me to teach her how to do that! I'm all for that. I also grabbed a pile of blocks that I made last summer and now I've got 3 more tops ready to quilt. I think that makes 5 tops from those blocks. I'l share more about that next week...I'm feeling too tired/lazy to take picures or explain the story behing these tops tonight. Maybe I'll start quilting some of them this weekend. We'll see.

Have a good weekend....

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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I remember those concerts...Loui Loui or whatever it is, I think is always played.