Sunday, November 11, 2007

BLOGLINES frustration


I'm so frustrated with Bloglines right now. Is it just me, or does this tool that is supposed to make my life easier drive everyone else nuts, too???

Sure, I subscribe to way too many blogs. But really, right now Bloglines is telling me that I have 6632 unread posts. Like an hour ago, I didn't have ANY unread posts.
Its showing that a huge percentage of the blogs I'm subscribed to have over 200 unread posts! Come on...

And why does it keep spitting the same posts back at me day after day??? There are a couple of posts in particular that keep popping up as new even though they are weeks old.

Is there another, perhaps better feed catcher out there????


Tanya said...

Heavens! I certainly hope bloglines doesn't do that to me! I'd hate to wade through that many posts!

I've wondered about why some posts come back time and time again too. Even my own did for awhile (yes, I subscribed to myself. Sort of dumb...) I noticed "I" kept coming back when I'd put a video on but I'm not sure why or if there were any other time. (After the video repeats I unsubscribed myself. I wonder how many other readers I lost.)

dot said...

Love the hunters star. I want to make one of these but never have yet. It will be awhile but I sure do admire them.

Quilt Pixie said...

I moved to google reader a while ago due to my frustration with bloglines and have never looked back... It does require a google account, but I've loved it.

joyce said...

I have noticed a problem with bloglines too. THere are other services that do the same thing but I am too lazy to change.

Leah S said...

Google reader. That's it, that's all. ;)

Actually, you can import your bloglines list to google reader. No need to transfer each and every blog manually. :)

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, sounds like Google Lines it is *VBS*! Wanted to let you know that Carol E. put your name at the very top of the list on the inside cover of the book, before adding hers. She also put a brief explaination of what she hoped would happen as the book traveled. Now if we can get Jeanne to add a date, we'll be all set.
Love your hunter's star..such a big impact for such a simple block. Hugs, Finn

Nadine said...

I'm with Google, and get an email on my Yahoo each time there's a comment on my Blog... Easy ! I wouldn't change.

By the way, Tracey, I'm just visiting your Blog and I soooo much enjoy it !

Hugs & smiles !