Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy Busy

Sorry that I've not blogged for so long! It is not for a lack of things to blog about, just that I've not had any time! I've actually been quilting quite a bit! I'll share some in this post, but I'll save the rest for another day!

Oh, before I forget....the challenge quilt from my previous post that was voted as Viewers choice was #2.

Today, Thing One began her adventures in Orthodontics! We've been beeing monitored by the orthodontist for two years now, and he decided that NOW is the time to have a space maintainer mounted into her mouth! We are holding some space open for permanent teeth to hopefull have room to grow in, and then in two years or so when the permanent teeth have all appeared, then he will put braces. But for now, just the space maintainer, which was put in today. Needless to say, she is unhappy and in some pain today. She's had lots of soup, ice cream, pudding, and yogurt because her mouth is sore.

Here is a picture of the things on Halloween. A normal night here: we had two trick or treaters at our house. There are several children on our street, but most of them trick or treat outside of the neighborhood. Children from other streets don't come here because there are not many houses and there is a BIG hill. They go elsewhere where the walking is less work!

The weekend before last, I made a donation quilt for one of my guild's projects. A member of my guild has been coordinating a project where the ladies who excercise at Curves donate their old 'fat' jeans. The members my guild use the denim to make rag quilts which are donated to a children's home in the area for kids 11-18 years old.
I've made about 8 of them over the last 3 or so years. While I'm making these quilts I'm always swearing about how much I dislike them (clipping all those edges drive me nuts and makes a huge mess!) but by the time the quilt is all finished and washed, I'm in love with the quilt and eager to make another one! This time I finally bought those special scissors, and it was MUCH easier. This is the one I finished most recently, and I am working on another one now. Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. The first picture is the front of the quilt, the second is the back. You'll notice that I ran out of fabric for the backing, and had to make a subsitution for 4 of the squares. Try not to notice all the acorns and unswept leaves on the deck!

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

very cute pirates - the mouse ears are an excellent touch. that denim quilt sure looks cozy.