Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and thats not all

hmm...I think I reached a post length limt or something? It wouldn't let me add more to my loooong update post.

Well, lets see if I can remember the rest without forgetting anything or losing my place:

*I have been working on my 150 4 patches for Bonnie's Orange Crush Mystery Quilt

*I made a house block (finally) to send to Bonnie.

*With inspiration from Tonya, Gwen and Freddy, I made my first two wonky baskets. I am anxious to get to making more of these soon.

*I have been trimming some scraps into specific size pieces that I will need for the project 'kits' I will be bringing to the retreat NEXT WEEKEND (woo hoo!!!!).

In the midst of all that, I somehow screwed up something with the sewing machine that I use at the cabin. I can see thread wrapped around the inside parts of the thingy-ma-bobber in there, but can't get rid of it with my little tweezers, so I have taken the machine to the repair man for a little TLC.

And I have completed one more project, which I will show you all tomorrow, after it comes out of the washing machine. It is an old UFO that I am happy to have completed, and it will be landing at it's new home right away.


Amanda said...

You seem to have been very busy! I do like your little house block; I haven't made any myself, but am planning a wall hanging made out of different types of house blocks. Can't wait to get down to it.

jovaliquilts said...

Oh, so cute! And FUN. Love your fabric choices for the house!

I don't know what's up with blogger, but I don't think you came close to a post length, if there is one. I've had a good bit of trouble recently with odd messages when I try to load photos.

Marilyn R said...

You have been one busy gal! Your house and basket blocks are adorable!