Thursday, April 24, 2008

CT Quilt History Guild Program

The other night, I was finally able to attend the meeting of my quilt guild, and there was a very interesting program. Our speaker was Carla Bue, a member of the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild (of which our chapter is a part) from Granby, CT. Carla was one of the organizers of the Connecticut Quilt Search Project. This book was the result of the CT Quilt Search, and several of the quilts she showed us are in the book.

Her family has lived in the Granby, CT area since the Revolutionary War era, and there were several very prolific quiltmakers in her family. Many of those quilts are still in her possession, in the home her ancestors built in 1830. Many of the fabrics used in these quilts were produced in a local mill in that part of CT.

Not only did Carla share the history of her family and the quilt makers, she also showed us a number of slides and many of the actual quilts that have been passed down thru the generations. Here are some of the quilts that she shared with us.

Unfortunately, I was sitting in a part of the room where I could not get great photos, but theres is still enough inspiration that it is worth looking at them anyway. The first picture with the pinwheels and string blocks is my favorite, but the Underground Railroad quilt top is a close second!! The thing I have to mention about the log cabin quilt is that these blocks are SMALL, maybe about 5"!

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jovaliquilts said...

Wow, it must be incredible to have quilts from so many generations! And in the family house!

That first quilt is awesome. I love the layout of pinwheels with log cabins. Was that common? I don't think I've seen it before but it's a dynamite combination.