Wednesday, April 30, 2008

no pictures of my doll quilt

Sigh. My Four Seasons Spring Doll Quilt is finished. I put the binding and the label on today, just in the nick of time. I am going to miss this pretty little quilt when it goes on to its new home.

I wonder if I am the only one that has the same issues with swaps and exchanges that I do: I fret and fuss over what I am making to the point of nearly driving myself insane. I have been on the receiving end of swaps that were less than thrilling or which had a less than satisfactory outcome(not in the last few years, thankfully!), so I always worry that I will not meet the expectations that the recipient has.
Same with this doll quilt swap. I spent a LONG time deciding what to make, I wanted to make sure it was 'good enough' and that it would make the recipient happy.
Then I started making it, and ugh. Not so great. I tried really hard, but I knew it wasn't gift quality work so I trashed the project.

Last week, I rethought my plan and came up with a new idea. Much simpler, but more achievable. Better to send a more simple pattern in a technique that I am comfortable with than something more complicated but not as well done. I went back to my stash and took out the fabrics that had been calling to me all along as 'spring'. I just a few hours, the top was complete.

I am very happy with the result: scrappy bow ties done in 1930's reproduction fabrics. To me, these fabrics scream spring in their pastel colors and little florals, dots and geometric patterns. And those little 3" bow ties, well, they are just so cute I can hardly stand them. Now I think I have to make one just like it for myself!!

Unfortunately, I can't share a picture at the moment. The battery in my camera is dead, and I cannot find the little plug in thing that I need to recharge it. DH can't find his camera. Sigh. I'll have to buy a disposable camera tomorrow to get some pictures before this quilt gets mailed off to its new home. Once I get that all set, I'll share the pictures with you. Trust me, it is cute :-)

I am off to a retreat this weekend. I have most of my stuff together, but I still need to gather a few items. I know that i have too many projects packed, but I'm not sure which ones will strike my fancy while I am there.


Sarah Nopp said...

I understand completely. I have been doing this really fun Stocking Swap in QuiltChat for a number of years. I get so involved in making the stocking- I have done velvet Cowboy boot- jingley belled jester boots, etc. I get sad. But I always get something really fun in return.

Catherine said...

I felt the same way about my little quilt for the Spring Swap. I had a partner who had absolutely no preferences -- which, in a way, made it even more difficult!

jovaliquilts said...

I'm in my first little quilt swap and it's hard! I want to make something the recipient will really like, but her style is not mine, so I'm working out of my comfort zone.

Don't buy a disposable camera -- buy a new cord for your digital! That way you'll have two when you find the old one, always a good plan. :)