Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just finished, and out the door already

I'm on my way to deliver my two latest projects, just finished last night and this morning. Thing One's very close friend, M is having big time major surgery at Yale tomorrow morning. This is the first in a series of cranio-facial surgeries that her parents have been anticipating and planning for since soon after her birth. Since so many of the quilts I make are donated to hospitalized children, it seemed only natural that I would make M a quilt to comfort her while she is hospitalized. This scrappy bowtie quilt is the third (and final) from a huge pile of scrappy bowtie blocks I received from a swap that I participated in probably around 1999-2000. I had always intended to keep this quilt for myself, but I am sure that M will love it.

On the back of it is a piece of fabric that I tie-dyed last summer. I hate piecing backings, and most of my quilts are just a hair too wide for a regular width of fabric. So last summer I bought lots of 108" wide white cotton at Walmart, and I tie-dyed lots of 54" wide pieces for backings...the price was good and no piecing necessary. Plus I had lots of fun doing it. I plan to do another dying session sometime this summer.

I also whipped up a horse pillowcase for M to use as well. A couple years ago I made pillowcases as party favors for Thing One's birthday party, and the kids went wild over them...they all loved them. Months later, M's Mom told me that she won't use any other pillowcase but the one I made her, so again, it seemed natural to make her a new one. Thing One picked the fabrics for this.

Finally I am showing you the shoes that Thing One was wearing while I took these pictures this morning. These shoes just will not die! LOL. Thing One got these shoes as a birthday gift from one of her friends, and she just loves them. Any of you Mom's, Grama's or Girl Scout leaders looking for a quick and easy project to do with a girl might want to pay attention to these shoes...they are simply an inexpensive pair of flip flops and strips of polarfleece cut the polar fleece in strips and just knot them around the straps of the flip flops. Aren't they adorable??


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What a great quilt to comfort M. I LOVE the back of it - that's fabulous. I think you could happily use those for both sides of a quilt for a happy kid's quilt. oh and I empathise with poor Thing Two and his allergies - aiyee. Starting to get worse here as well.

Amanda said...

Brilliant back - I used to love tie-dying with my class when I was teaching, so I think it's time to have another go.

Carol E. said...

Great quilt for M! I'm sure it'll be a cheery thing to cuddle during her hard time at the hospital. Love the shoes, too.

Tanya said...

Love your bowtie quilt! Such fun for a young girl!

And great ideas for those flip flops! I'll have to try that!