Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guild Holiday Party

Tonight my guild had our annual Holiday Party. Yes, we were late! On purpose! A few years ago, attendance at our Holiday Party was dwindling. Phone calls were made to all members by the president as part of a survey and one of the questions asked was "Do you have any suggestions of how to improve attendance at our Holiday party?" (Normally we held it the first week of December). Apparently I was one of many who said that we are just too busy then. So for the last three years or so, we've had our holiday party at the end of January. We've done away with the big meal part of the potluck dinner and now we just do the appetizers and the deserts!

Instead of doing a grab bag, we have a little challenge and exchange. This year we were to make a bookmark. This is the one I made from a pattern from Anni Downs

The bookmark that I received was this one made by Janet R. It is very cute and I am going to stick it in my newest book (New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Series) tonight! I was very impressed with all the creative bookmarks I saw tonight, there were no two that were anything alike!

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