Friday, January 16, 2009

SSCS Thanks!

Once again, I'm a bad, bad blogger. Ten lashes with a wet noodle for me, as my Mother would say.

I need to publicly thank Noemia for the wonderful Christmas gifts that I received in the SSCS. Noemia is in Portugal, and she sent me these lovely gifts: The blue table runner is made with snowflakes appliqued onto a really neat printed fabric. This looks great on my dining room table, and I can leave it there until it is time to put the Easter decorations out! There is a really sweet drawstring fabric bag with a buttonhole stitched applique on it, definitely perfect to add to my Christmas decor next year. Also a nice red runner for on an end table. A cute little doll that my daughter has on her shelf in her room, a cross stitch kit, chocolates (which didn't last long), tea, ribbon and marking pencils. This is all greatly appreciated and well-liked! Thanks so much, Noemia!

Oh, and since I never posted about it before, I'll show what I sent to Lyn in Australia: The bag is the Miranda Bag by Lazy Girl Designs. The pincushion is the armchair pincushion from Helen that was one of the patterns in the Stitcher's Angel Swap. I also included Pez candies, laces and buttons.

It is extremely cold her today. Last night it was about 10 degrees below zero (farenheit) That is -23 celcius for those of you outside the US. No problems with the pipes this time (Thank goodness)!

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Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful gifts sent and received in the SSCS...........thanks for being part of the fun again.......
also I will swap some of your cold weather for my hot weather.......