Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been working on my stitchery projects a lot lately. DH and I have been spending a lot of time watching tv series and movies, and I hate to just sit and watch...I get way too restless, so stitching keeps my hands busy while I watch. I'm hoping that Netflix will be sending Jonathan Creek Season 3 to me today.

Currently I'm trying to catch up/finish Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark project and Bea's Quilters Blessings project. I've got about 3 more blocks to do on Bea's Project and 5 blocks to go on Lynettes. I'm plugging away and soon they will be done. Since Christmas I've done these blocks for Bea's project, and another one nearly finished. I need to get going on these because I'm anxious to start a few new ones! LOL. But without stressing myself out over them.


Linda said...

I like to have handwork also while I watch TV so I've made yoyos and small projects that need hand finishing. I live in Trumbull so we're not so far apart. I will add you to my favorite blogs. Linda

Leah said...

Oh nice blocks! DH is a big fan of Jonathan Creek, so we've watched plenty of him too :)