Sunday, January 21, 2007

Citrus Fizz

A group that used to meet a now closed local fabric store made a bunch of half square triangles at some point for a mini workshop or something, and when the store was recently closing, the triangles were found in one of the storage closets. My friend Ruth, who works there knows that I do a lot of charity quilts, so she gave me this pile of triangle squares. They were sewed in rows of seven, and the sizes were all different, they had never been trimmed. I took them home, unsewed the squares and trimmed them all to uniform sizes. Then I put them together in the broken dishes setting that you see here. This quilt is quilted, but like most of the others that I've done in the last few months, it lacks binding.

I think I've got at least a dozen quilts here that need binding. I actually like to do the binding, its the only hand stitching part I do. However, lately I just haven't been able to motivate myself to do it. I've been too busy knitting. This week I am going to make it my goal to work on bindings at least a couple days.

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Su Bee said...

Hi, I just found you, while wandering around - I love that little quilt! Citrus colors are great. I'm enjoying your blog very much!