Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new year, same old thing

Happy New Year! I'm not going to bother listing accomplishments from last year or goals for this year, because I just never seem to follow thru. Why bother if I know I'm not going to complete what I set out to do. As usualy, I'll work on the projects that I feel like working on, I'll create a ton of new UFOs, I'll finish a lot of projects but not as many as I start and I'll buy too much fabric.

I already broke my intention of 'not buying too much fabric' yesterday when I went to Joanns intending to buy batting. I did buy the 10 yards of Warm and Natural, but I also bought about 20 yards of black and white fabrics. I want to work on the 'parts department' as described in Freddy Moran and Gwen Marstons book, but I have virtually no black and white prints, which I think I need to pull together all the mess of other fabrics I do have. Now that I have a bunch of them (they are yummy and were all on a good sale!), I can start sewing and have some fun.

Over the Christmas vacation, I planned to quilt a bunch of quilts while I was in Vermont, but I ran out of batting after quilting just one. I didn't feel like driving over an hour to get to the store where I could buy Warm and Natural on the roll, so I just sat on the couch and knitted with my Knifty Knitter. I watched a bunch of movies and tv shows on DVD and knitted and knitted and by the end of the week I had 26 hats! It was fun and relaxing.

Carol posted a picture of what she sees from her sewing room. I'll post a picture of the mess that I see, too. Since my sewing 'area' is one side of the playroom, what yow will see in the picture is some portion of the mess of toys my kids have, DH's excercise bike, and probably part of my huge quilting area mess. This view is from my sewing machine.

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