Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Spy a Four Patch

I snapped these pictures the other day of two quilts that I made about two years ago, but never blogged about. These are the I Spy a Four Patch quilt from Bonnie's website.
These both belong to Thing Two.

This one is known around here as "The people quilt"
He sleeps with this almost every night.

This quilt was the first quilt I made from Bonnie's patterns. I had the whole thing pieced when I took a class fromKaren McTavish at the Lancaster PA quilt show, so I tried to do her McTavishing technique for quilting it. Well, lets just say that I wasn't entirely successfull at that! The quilt is much stiffer than I would prefer because of the amount of quilting. The quilting was somewhat of a nightmare because at the time, my machine was out of whack (and I thought it was my lack of skill) and the thread kept breaking every 5-8 inches. However, I kept quilting, because there was NO WAY I was ripping all that stitching! LOL. I love the quilt anyway...

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