Tuesday, January 15, 2008

(somewhat) Unproductive

Sigh. I guess I'm just in a slump or something. I'm not motivated to do anything at all the last few days. Blah.

Before the weekend I had posted my goals for the next few things I planned to work on, and I haven't touched any of them yet. I did quilt something different though, so that is a good thing.

This top is now quilted and waiting for binding. Back in about 1998/99/2000 I was in a group that did lots of swapping and for a while we swapped a lot of bowtie blocks, which happen to be a block that I adore. I made about 4 quilts out of the blocks back then, but for some reason this top has still been hanging around unfinished. I think that I kind of intended to keep this one for myself since it contains a lot of the fabrics that I really loved at that point. I'm on the fence about keeping it for myself vs. giving it away right now, but we'll see when it is finished. I quilted it with a large meander. The backing is a fabric that I tie-dyed last summer. It will have a binding that matches the borders.

This picture is before I quilted it.

This one is in progress. You can get a little peek of the tie die on the roller.

This past weekend, I also made some more of the cute little preemie hats. They are so addictive, and it gives me something mindless to do while I sit and watch movies with hubby on the weeknd. This past weekend we watched the rest of Jonathan Creek Season 2 (I highly reccomend this series!), the first disk of Season 1 of Blue Murder (I liked this a lot, too), and one episode of Miss Marple (I won't bother watching the rest of that, it just didn't interest me at all).

The weather predicted for today was for a "HUGE WINTER STORM, 7-15 inches of snow".
Bah. The reality was that we got about 2 inches of snow. The bonus was that it was easy to shovel the steps and front path! The children were thrilled that finally we got snow that was wet and sticky enough to make a snowman. Once the snowman was built, we joined our neighbors and went to the golf course up the street to spend a couple of hours sledding on the hill there. A wonderful time was had by all.


Quilt Pixie said...

sometimes being out and active with the family is just what the doctor orders for the winter blahs... hope you find lots of ways to be kind to yourself until the muse returns from her winter holiday :-)

Screen Door said...

The snowman needs a quilt!!! He looks cold!!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fun snowman. and woohoo, for J Creek Season 2 - so happy you enjoyed that series.

Teri said...

Being in a slump is alright. Sometimes it's that rest we need before things get creative and fun. When the time is ready you'll come out of it!

Happy Quilting!

Carol E. said...

I love the tie dye backing. I vote for keeping the quilt!

Mary said...

This is my favorite setting for bow tie blocks and it's on my list to do one day!