Wednesday, January 09, 2008

WISP's #1,2 and 3

MayBritt has challenged us to work on projects from prior to 2008 this month. Well, that is one of my main goals for the whole year, so it shouldn't be hard to work on a few of them in January.

On Friday, I grabbed a couple of almost finished projects to work on over the weekend. I knew that finishing them up would take hardly any time, I just needed to motivate myself to do them. I snapped pictures of them and set to work, and I was finished with all three in just about an hour and half.

First up: A crumb quilt in a star setting. As you can see, I had to hand sew the binding on about 3/4 of one side. That was a simple finish! Almost a cheat to count it. In this picture you can see the unfinished part on the bottom right.

The cat charms quilt is next. These charm squares were given out by a guild member for use in community service project quilts, and this is the second quilt I made with them. Again, only a small amount of hand sewing on the binding to finish this one, the top side and the top left are the only unfinished parts. Again, almost cheating to call it a completion.

My Square Dance top is next. I've got about 4 of these little tops in the works, this one is already quilted and just waiting to have the binding sewn down on the back, all the way around needs to be done. And it needs a label. Again, just a small amount of work, but it has been siting around for months waiting to be completed. The colors are hideously bad on this shot for some reason: everything that looks lavendar is actually a yellowy green.

So here they are completed:
The color is much more true to life in this picture. I think that taking it outside on the snow was the problem in the other picture. This quilt is so cute, but tiny, its only like 20X30 or something.

Just a quick peek at the label. These labels are from a panel that is just totally adorable!

I just wanted to show the backing fabric from the cat charms quilt. I think it is so has the design on both sides, near the selvedge. I also love the fact that this fabric cost me like $1.20 per yard in Nov. 2006 when a local fabric store was going out of business...I liked it so much I bought the whole bolt!! I've used it on lots of backs for my community service quilts.

These quilts are going to be donated to the NICU at UCONN Health Center, along with the big pile of hats I've been working on.


May Britt said...

Great. Don't you feel happy now when they are done :)

Quilt Pixie said...

it must feel great to finish these up and get them off the mind :-)